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You KNOW it's time to have a professional online presence.

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The membership is packed with information for small business owners.

You’ll learn  bite-sized, actionable steps in the following areas that will help you build your business website from scratch.




We understand you don't have time to sit and learn for days on end, so we made...

of easy to understand tutorials that will fit into your busy day!


steps you can take

after every tutorial to help you…


progress after every tutorial.


If you've got

three hours of time to spare, you’ll be…

Creating a Website

from scratch and well on your way.

We know small business owners are tight for time!

We broke out the topics into manageable pieces that can be consumed and acted upon even in a tight schedule. If you can spare an hour per week, you can be well on your way to creating your own business website following the tutorials in the membership course area.

Marketing Strategy

What’s it go to do with building a website?


We’ll help you discover how your website fits into your marketing strategy and why it’s such an important piece of the puzzle.

What to Name it

Domain Names

Why they're important

We’ll go over where your website is found, choosing where to store the information found on your website and how to pick a name that will make sense for your business.

Expanding Functionality

You might need more than just a blog. How can you make that happen?

When you want customers to buy your product or book an appointment, you’ll need a couple of extra tools to make that happen. Explore your options.

Technical Jargon

Need a translation?
in terms you can understand

We’ll simplify the technical stuff and put it in terms you can understand and take action on!

Social Media

How & why

Social Media connections play a key role in signalling your authority in a niche. Learn to connect incoming & outgoing social channels to your website to capitalize on the signals to search engines.

Look & Layout

Design to captivate your site visitors.

We’ll review the tools you’ll need to create a website that’s easy for your visitors to navigate and buy from you.

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Why Us?

As a certified master trainer with experience creating online training material for adult learning scenarios, we know what information is important to convey to small business owners. Our one-to-one coaching and training gets rave reviews. We’re trusted to provide the right information at the right time, in the right manner to get you up and running and ready to create your own business website in no time!








You Want:

A Calgary local small business specializing in WordPress website design and support. More than a decade of experience in the web design industry.

We’ve Got:

With a background in food industry management, retail business management and human resources and marketing & e-commerce, you’ll find a well rounded professional web design company who can support you with whatever you need. We’ll give you sound guidance and advice every time!


Why You’ll Love The Unconv3ntionals Academy

Every topic covered includes actionable steps that you can start right away. You’ll feel empowered to create your own business website in under 3 hours. You’ll not only gain new skills, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to manage the task of building a website.

We’ve been there! We know what it’s like to have an itty bitty budget and massive dreams for a website. We’ve built $80K websites with $500/year budgets. We’re passing that knowledge on to you!



Actionable Steps




Budget Friendly

Class Reviews

Loved the Course offered by Orange Ambition in regards to Designing your own Website. Great Material supplied, offered a warm and welcoming environment, answered all the questions asked. Would Highly Recommend this to anyone looking into designing their own website. The cost of the course was amazing, for the amount of information delivered! 5 Stars!!

–Kayla C.

Sherry is extremely user-friendly! She is knowledgeable and shows you step by step how to do things. I’ve learned a lot from her.

–Cheryl G.

Its been 5 months since I last posted a Review and I just have to post another one because in those 5 months Sherry has been able to mentor and teach me how to get our Ranking up to Number 1 with SEO on Google… Tonight when I went on google and searched in the Red Deer Area we were officially in Number 1 Spot on the Map. Her advice has helped us tremendously!! If you haven’t called Sherry yet WHY NOT?! She’s amazing and has helped us save so much money, while getting the most out of our Website!! Thank You Orange Ambition !!


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